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P.H. Financial and Investment Consultants Private Limited was founded by Late Mr. Ranchhor Hariram Hemdev, Late Mrs. Rani Ranchhor Hemdev and Late Mr. Prakash Ranchhor Hemdev.

At the outset, they began this organization as one of the key players in Inter Bank Call Money Market. However after the Reserve Bank of India intervention the business model transitioned to being Intermediaries for Inter Corporate Deposits and which still continues to be an integral part of our business.

In these many years, PH Financial and Investment Consultants Private Limited branched out in several arenas of Corporate Finance.

In 1994, we became members of National Stock Exchange of India Limited for their Cash Segment as well as the Future & Option Segment.

In 1996, we also branched out as Distributors of Mutual Funds by getting our own ARN Code – 0266.

We are and strive to continue to be Specialists in several areas of Corporate Finance like Placement of Commercial Paper, Non Convertible Debentures, Promoter Funding, Loan against Shares, Bills Discounting and Short Term Loans.

We believe that Corporate Finance is the area of Finance dealing with monetary decisions that business enterprises make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions. The Primary Goal of Corporate Finance is to maximize Shareholder value while managing the firm's financial risks.

As Arrangers of Finance, we realize that each Client is unique and so is their financial requirement.

Over this period, PH Group has found its feet by making several Large and Mid Cap Companies along with a number of Banks and NBFC’s a part of the PH Family as clients by providing them customized services to suit all their needs.

Our bouquet products are non-standardized and structured to meet the specific financial objectives of our Clients.

Late Shri Ranchhor Hariram Hemdev Late Shri Ranchhor H Hemdev

Late Smt. Rani Ranchhor Hemdev Late Smt. Rani R Hemdev

Late Shri Prakash Ranchhor Hemdev Late Shri Prakash R Hemdev

Mrs. Jaya Prakash Hemdev

Mrs. Jaya Prakash Hemdev has dedicated over 18 years looking after the day to day administration and plays a very significant role in the development of this organization.

Mr. Parag Prakash Hemdev

This third generation entrepreneur, with the guidance from his forefathers, Mr. Parag Hemdev has been running this organization successfully. He ardently heads the Debt Syndication, Mutual Fund Investments and IPO divisions of the organisation.

Ms. Neha Shah

Ms. Neha Shah began her career with P H Financial and Investment Consultants Private Limited and has now been with the organization for more then 25years. She has grown with the organization and continues to be an integral part of the Debt Syndication Segment.

Mr. Dinesh Singh

Mr. Dinesh Singh, head of the equity division, plays a very vital part in the PH Group. He has been a vital part of the organization since 20 years now.