Product & Services

P H Financial and Investment Consultants Private Limited, being Intermediaries in the arena of Corporate Finance has a bouquet of diverse services to offer to your esteemed organization. As arrangers of finance, we assist companies with their debt syndication in several ways, some of them being:

Corporate Debt Syndication

Inter Corporate Deposits

Being intermediaries for corporate finance, we assist companies to bridge their short term working capital requirements by arranging funds through other companies in the form of Inter Corporate Deposits. These deposits generally are for tenure of 3-6 months depending on the nature of the requirement.

Commercial Papers / Non Convertible Debentures

P H Financial and Investment Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is empanelled with several Banks, Asset Management Companies and Institutions. This enables us to assist rated companies to borrow funds through these institutions in the form of Commercial Paper or Non Convertible Debentures for a tenure ranging anywhere between 30-364 days.

Promoter Funding

On various occasions, Promoters of Companies require funds for varied purposes being Acquisitions, Subscription to Rights Issue, Subscription to Warrants. As mediators, we have arranged for funds for tenure between 6-18 months depending on the nature of their requirement.

Loan against Shares

We are also very active on the front of arranging short term funds i.e. for a tenure of 6-12 months of a secured nature in the form of Loan Against Shares. Here we assist companies to place funds against the collateral of their promoters holdings in its listed company. This collateral varies from 2-2.5 times of shares of the principal amount to be pledged as margin depending on various factors.

Bills Discounting

Discounting of Vendor Payments for vendor financing, usually for a tenure of 90- 120 days, against the acceptance by corporates is also one of the services we offer to corporates as an option for their debt syndication.

Short Term Loans

We are also tied up with several banks to arrange funds for corporates for their short term working capital requirements in the form of Short Term Loans. The tenure of these loans varies as per the terms of the requirement.